Check out the fantastic feedback from client's of Pinnacle Health and Performance Center

Sherwin, Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. What the medical specialists couldn't figure out, you did. (Neurologists, ophthalmologists, and the leaders in those fields). I am 95% better and things keep improving. I now have my quality of life back. I believe you are the BEST of the BEST! Thanks!!:)

Sarah Geiger-Schiewe

A great big thank you! 5 months I came to you with a goal of losing 40lbs. In the 5 months that I have been working you I have lost a total of 46lbs on the scale but have gained so much more. I have a much better understanding of how my... body works and what I need to do to continue on this road of success. You pushed me to heights that I would never have thought possible a few short months ago. With the loss there has come an abundance of energy and well being that I thought was gone forever. Thanks to Pinnacle, Sherwin, and Kyle, without you I wouldn't have come this far.

Stephen Enslen

I just wanted to thank you for all of your knowledge and expertise with personalizing my diet plans and training programs weekly for my competition. Because of you and all of your help, I discovered a sport that I love, and I was able to qualify for provincials by placing third! :) Thank you for your sincerity most of all. You truly care about your client's health, beyond money and fame. The time and energy you put into each and every one of your clients does not go unnoticed. Trainers like you do not exist- I feel very privileged to have You as my strength and conditioning coach and nutritionist. Thank you for everything.

Emily Pinard
Business Executive Health Program