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Pinnacle Health and Performance Center: Business Executive Health Plan

There are times when your thoughts, coupled with the experiences of other people, keep you from pursuing health and fitness options that could actually transform your entire state of wellbeing. It is difficult for us to imagine things that are different from what we are used to. Fortunately, Pinnacle Health and Performance Center (PHPC) knows exactly how to remedy this, and get you started on the path to an optimum state of well-being. Our highly trained staff works with you to identify your goals, establish personalized action steps to help you attain those goals, and break through the psychological roadblocks that limit you from attaining great health.

The proficient staff at PHPC has identified the one and only way for executives and other people to transform their thinking patterns: to have someone who really cares about you checking your daily progress and holding you responsible for the action steps that you pursue. While psychological conditioning is the cornerstone of PHCP’s health optimization program, which is currently the finest in the market, it is not the only solution presented to executives. The program also integrates exercise science, preventative medicine, and lifestyle habits to radically transform the lives of its executive clients.

Challenges Faced by Business Executives and PHPC’s Solutions

Pinnacle Health and Performance Center provides the right remedy action for a variety of executive challenges. To begin with, PHPC has numerous protocols to manage the various stresses for executives which can cause seemingly unrelated problems like the inability to fall asleep or remain asleep.

Second, PHPC’s highly proficient staff can create a personalized plan to minimize or eliminate jet lag, which inhibits your ability to perform at your best. This is a simple process that requires you to provide the staff with details regarding your destination, and time of arrival.

Third, PHPC acknowledges that the busy schedules of executives cause them to either skip meals or maintain a food court diet, which results in metabolic syndrome, weight gain, and increases the adverse effects of stress. To counter this, Pinnacle utilizes strategies that are similar to those used with elite military personnel in order to maintain the acuteness of your cognitive functions, and cease the undesirable effects on your health when forced to skip meals.

Fourth, PHPC presents Type A personalities, who are at a higher risk for heart disease, as well as other personalities with access to private laboratory testing of seldom checked risk factors (due to high cost) for cardiovascular disease. Pinnacle’s staff then uses your results to develop a plan that counteracts the environmental and genetic factors that pose a risk to your health.

Fifth, Pinnacle presents executives with a solution to poor memory and inability to focus, which are a result of low adrenal function that is characteristic of a busy, executive lifestyle. To address these concerns, PHPC’s staff creates a supplementation program that is unique to your condition, to help you acquire the appropriate nutrients that will invigorate the hippocampus and re-establish proper levels of prognenolone.

Finally, Pinnacle saves you the hastle of visiting multiple health practitioners by coordinating everything that you need, and gathering all your health information necessary to design a plan that will fit into a 1 hour customized training session. This way, you can keep all your health and wellness matters in check, without spending a lot of time doing so.

In addition, Pinnacle seeks to address various health/fitness concerns that are specific to male and female executives.

Some things that men should be aware of include:

  1. The lack of weight lifting power is a characteristic of poor nitric oxide production in men, which indicates poor vascular health. One of the early detection signs of heart disease or endothelial dysfunction is erectile dysfunction.
  2. The risk of prostate cancer significantly increases with greater level of xenoestrogens
  3. A comparison of the amount of fat in your shoulder blade (subscapular fold) to the triceps’ skin fold can serve as an indication for a certain diet, like increased COQ10 and carnitine, in order to burn body fat and reduce the risk for heart disease.
  4. Gynecomastia (or man boobs) is caused by the body converting testosterone to estrogen. This can be prevented by increasing your Zinc intake to block the process of aromatization. You will want to do this since it enhances your orgasm.
  5. You also lose 30% of your testosterone by placing your cell phone in the pelvic area. Getting this amount of testosterone back can be compared to taking anabolic steroids, in terms of your ability to gain muscle. PHPC has a solution to this condition, which does not cause you any suffering, and allows you to continue attaching your phone to your hip.

Some things that women should be aware of include:

  1. Higher fat storage in your glutes/hamstrings increases your risk of breast cancer
  2. You can eliminate the symptoms associated with the transition to menopause by enabling your body to detoxify the metabolites of estrogen correctly.
  3. Your perception of your body considerably affects the manner in which you respond to diet and exercise. As such, PHPC seeks to address this element in depth.
  4. Some females are not tolerant of carbohydrates. Consuming too many carbs can cause deregulation of progesterone, increase in testosterone, acne, and PCOS, among others.
  5. The mood of a mother significantly influences the sleep pattern of her baby, which implies that an anxious/stressed mother will have a baby who does not sleep.

How are PHPC’s Executive Programs Different from Other Wellness Programs on the Market?

Pinnacle’s mission is to provide exceptional health service that handles all the details pertaining to the wellness of executives. The best thing about this service is that it is not standard. On the contrary, PHPC’s logic and rationale is to interact with each and every individual, learn about them, their personal health challenges, goals and objectives, and then use that information to devise a program that employs any conventional or eccentric techniques to attain those results. Unique problems may, at times, demand distinctive solutions. The following is a summary of some of the things that executives can expect from PHPC’s unique solutions:

Biochemical Individuality

The first step of PHPC’s program is to examine your starting physiology using the most cutting edge medical tests, in order to establish a baseline for your improvement. The tests assess nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, tissue aging, G.I. health, toxicity, and markers of inflammation. Afterwards, you get started on a program that eliminates foods that irritate your physiology and inhibit progress, corrects your body’s deficiencies, and rebuild’s your body systems. The end result is a younger, healthier body, with a significant reduction in the number of risk factors associated with all known diseases including body fat, blood glucose, lipid profile, inflammation, and so forth.

Environmental Toxicities

After your body is able to function at an optimal level, you need to cultivate fundamental habits that will support your health. The primary factors that are addressed include quality sleep, which can be affected by impaired detoxification, poor nutrition that excites your nervous system, and excess lighting and electrical activity, among others; hydration, which affects the operation of hormones and fat cells for proper alteration of insulin sensitivity; and blood sugar control, through the an individualized diet and supplementation protocols. The flexible diet plan and personalized supplement program is designed to meet your unique genetic requirements.

Custom Exercise Program

The unique exercise program tracks your improvement from workout-to-workout, and customizes the routine to match your ability to recover, in addition to moving you towards a younger hormonal profile. There are three training sessions per week that are customized for all kinds of health conditions and injuries.

Some useful tips regarding exercising include:

  • Excessive aerobic work causes you to age faster due to the increase in oxidative stress, which, in turn, increases the production of cortisol hormone. High cortisol levels increase the body’s resistance to insulin, as well as loss of muscle mass (the most important predictor for health and longevity of a person).
  • Proper weight training, with regard to the right sets, reps and rest periods, enhances the function of insulin in your body, and also assists in hormonal rebalancing.
  • The intensity/volume of your workout should be governed by the results of an Adrenal Function test, which examines your recuperative abilities. This way, PHCP is able to design a unique routine that comprises exercise parameters that boost your health, instead of breaking it down further.
  • Rowing and long distance running are the two sports linked with the highest cases of dementia in participants, which is a result of the high levels of oxidative stress produced in the brain.
  • Body fat levels in your body can actually worsen if you do not consume the right nutrients immediately after exercise. A proper post-workout formula is essential to anabolism and catabolism that allows you to grow.
  • Grip strength is a vital marker of overall neural function. As such, a decline in grip strength can be a sign of an individual’s risk for going senile. Pinnacle examines any structural imbalances and past injuries to design a plan that will appropriately transform your physique from your current state to where you want to be.

Reminders and Follow-ups

Daily reminders and follow-ups help you cultivate certain habits that are essential for successful healthy growth. Proper training and sticking to routines develops discipline that helps you to overcome bad notions that hinder your progress. In addition, PHPC employs a belief system that is appropriate to help you break through psychological roadblocks. These systems include: meditation, hypnosis, body talk, NLP, and so forth.

Proper Goal-Setting

Your progress will be continuously monitored to ensure that your wellness goals are met. You will be issued with regular report cards in 6 weeks intervals for tracking your pre and post program pictures, relevant lab work, 12-site body fat testing, and goals/objectives met.

Access to Expert Health Advice

Access to expert health advice from PHPC’s proficient staff is essential for troubleshooting problems that come up unexpectedly. Just provide PHPC with your preferred means of communication – phone, text, email- and their staff will advise you on the best remedy.

How Do I Get Started?

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